Terms of Service

These terms apply to all members. If you are covered by an agreement with your broker, please consult your broker for any additional terms provided in the agreement with your broker.

Our members are our top priority, and we try to keep it simple. We love to serve our members.

In order to make this work for our members and for us, there are a few things we need to make sure we all agree:

Any of your equipment that we take into our possession will always belong to you.

Order fees are charged at the time of order execution. For installation orders, the fees for installation and removal are charged at the time of installation.

We are unable to take responsibility for equipment that is lost while it is placed at a home or in the market. Sign theft is an unfortunate part of the business. We will monitor your equipment in accordance with our agreement and will alert you when we discover that equipment is damaged or missing. But we can not take responsibility for or replace your equipment that is stolen from a home or in the market, or damaged while at a home or in the market.

When ordering directional signs, we leave it to you to choose the locations. We will assume that you understand any relevant ordnances or requirements of the neighborhood, HOA or any other governing body, and that the placement locations that you select will comply accordingly. In addition, we reserve the right for our Installers to select a different location for any sign where the requested location risks the safety of the Installer. For example, the median of a busy intersection.

Before placing signs, we make a good faith effort to obtain approval from the owner of the property, at the time that we place the sign. However, we can not guarantee such approval will be secured. And, we will honor the property owner's wishes regarding the location of the sign. If a property owner asks us not to place a sign, we will notify you.

The installation order form contains a required field, where agents should include any desired placement instructions. AGENTS BEAR FULL LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE TO UNDERGROUND PROPERTY OR EQUIPMENT, WHEN WE PLACE EQUIPMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AGENT'S PLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS, OR WHEN THE AGENT PROVIDES NO PLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Drivers are allowed to change the placement at the time of installation, if required, in their judgment, to avoid damage or risk of damage to people, property or equipment.